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       We, Team CJ Group India is a Virtual freelancers group in Kerala , India . We provide many strategies based on Digital marketing and its future trends. Our team is professional in Information Technology and experienced to provide IT solutions and support.

        We provide professional services in Digital marketing and its promotion services such as Online Marketing (Internet Marketing),Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing,Website Design ,Custom software Making, Video editing , Logo and Brochure,Mobile and computer Service. What I do is what you need! And We provide many things.. View More

     We help our clients to develop their business presence online and promote brands on the internet. Based on Our experience, We always offer our clients customized solutions based on their needs and goals. We empower your business or brand in a way that it becomes the most effective to attract potential customers and generating new business opportunities through Internet. 

  • Website Design & Development


Mobile Apps Development


Custom Software Making


whiteboard animation/Video Editing


SEO Tool for Search Engine Optimization Analysis


logo and brochure Design 

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